It’s a VUCA world – are your Leaders set up to succeed or fail?

Following are some highlights from a white paper I recently wrote to bring awareness to the new expectations of leaders in a constantly changing business world….and how HR and CEO’s needs to get involved…

Building an Organisation that adapts to a persistently changing environment

It’s ironic that the understanding of change in the workplace is in greatest need of changing. Today’s leaders face more challenges than ever. Technology, globalisation and competition have all given rise to conditions that are inherently difficult to navigate. Many use the acronym VUCA to describe the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business climate.

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30% of people have already failed on their new year’s resolutions

How to finally stick to yours

Well it only took two days into the new year before the #resolutionfail hashtag began trending in social media. While hundreds of millions of people around the world have made new year’s resolutions, 30% of people who made them have already given up on them! []


Many will stick to theirs for a while longer. Two-thirds won’t make it past the first month. Less than half will still be going at it after six months. But only 9% of people who set new year’s resolutions will actually be successful.

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Nine or strike?

On the school holidays I love having the chance to be playful with the kids. We decided one morning to have an outing to Strike to play bowling. I was having flash backs of my own teenage years going to the local bowling alley with my friends and smiled at the memories of Rock n’ Roll bowling.

My little girl struggles to pick up the ball, which feels about the same weight as her, and then the ball rolls at a snails pace down the lane and topples the pins over. My strong teenage son power shoots the ball down like a bullet from a shot gun. My youngest son, who loves any sport, smiles at the chance to have a ball in his hand and spend his days playing.

And then there was me. For seven frames in succession I knocked down nine pins and left one remaining. 

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Cringe time or celebration?

How do you feel about your end of year report card?

It’s that time of the year when you might be wrapping up your projects, clearing out those small tasks left on the to-do-list, trying to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and hopefully planning for a holiday. So it is a great opportunity to also take the time to recognise what you’re proud of and possibly not so happy about for 2016.

Last week our children brought home their report cards from school.  As we were reading through them, at times they were cringing and then they would be smiling and laughing. On the whole it was a great way to gain insight on the year that was.

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Is your thinking holding you back?

During a recent group coaching conversation some of the Leaders on the call were sharing with me that their people were being negative and resistant to change.

What they had identified was that certain situations were triggering them to think in a way that was stopping them from transitioning to the new way of operating.

I shared with the group my Red Thoughts Worksheet so that they could use this tool to help their people gain awareness of the thoughts that they are experiencing which are causing them to behave in a way that is resistant to change.


If you would like gain awareness of the thoughts that are holding you back or coach someone in your team to do this, then download my Red Thoughts Worksheet.

Defining Moments

I recently had the privilege of speaking at and attending two interactive and insightful days at the Women in Risk Management Summit in Sydney. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Defining Moments’. Risk, audit and compliance industry leaders gathered to discuss some key leadership advice.

The summit was rich in collaboration, practicality and influence, inspirational stories of unexpected turning points that became career and leadership ‘Defining Moments’.

female rock climber

The summit was packed with thought leadership content, from innovation techniques, to mental toughness to authentic leadership. Sharing personal career journeys and individual lessons for navigating the paths to senior roles. The ‘defining moments’ highly resonated with myself and the delegates. Vulnerable moments and valuable failures are hard to grasp when you’re trying to learn from some book or formula, it was refreshing to hear real life stories of success and hardship from like minded women in the industry.

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Ask For More Assertively

I was working with a client recently and she share with me that she had been offered a great new role. Everything about it was what she wanted, nut she had some concerns about the Hiring Manager.

She had head some stories about their management style and had decided that she wasn’t going to accept the offer.

Given how excited she was about the role I was quite concerned about this.

I challenged her by asking her to at least having a conversation with the Hiring Manger about her expectations of their leadership style.

I shared with her The Assertiveness Planner, we were able to walk through a 4 step process that she could use to plan a conversation with the Hiring Manager.

My client ended up having the conversation and the Hiring Manager was able to deliver on the expectations that she was looking g for.

If you would like to have an assertive conversation, then download my Assertiveness Planner today.

P.S. If you would like to find out if I can help you accelerate your career progress, book in for a FREE Power Coaching CallTMtoday.  Click here to book a time directly in my calendar.

Market Your Personal Brand

I was working with a client recently and she shared with me that she had been applying for multiple roles and just not getting interviews.

When we reviewed her CV, I realised that she had talked a lot about her achievements, her skills and experience, but had failed to highlight the value or benefit to the organisation of these skills and benefits.

I shared with her my FAB Statements worksheet. This provided here a framework to turn her features into real benefits for the organisation.

From this my client was able to update her CV, talk about these benefits in interviews and was successful in securing her dream job.

If you would like to be able to succinctly and confidently market your talents, then download my FAB Statements worksheet today.

P.S. If you would like to find out if I can help you accelerate your career progress, book in for a FREE Power Coaching CallTMtoday.  Click here to book a time directly in my calendar.

Self Promote with Confidence

I was working with a client recently and she shared with me that she found networking and self-promotion really unnatural

She was in the market for a new role and had decided that networking would be a critical part of her search process.

I shared with her my 15 Second Commercial worksheet. A simple planner she could work through to develop a short statement that would help communicate her ambitions to others.

By completing this planner my client was able to feel confident going into networking situations. Her 15-second advertisement clearly outlines what her ambitions were, what she had been achieving in her previous roles and what she wanted to do next.

If you would like to succinctly and confidently communicate about yourself during networking then download my 15 Second Commercial worksheet.

Coaching To Save You Time

I was working with a client recently and he shared with me that he was frustrated by the amount of time he was spending coaching his leaders during a period of significant change across the function.

Despite the amount of time he was spending coaching his team members weren’t taking responsibility for leading the change with their own teams.

I shared with my client the Coaching On the Go Model and explained how he could use quick 10-minute coaching sessions to empower his leaders to take responsibility for the change themselves.

If you want to coach people on the go and help them feel empowered during change then download my Coaching On the Go Model.