Ask For More Assertively

I was working with a client recently and she share with me that she had been offered a great new role. Everything about it was what she wanted, nut she had some concerns about the Hiring Manager.

She had head some stories about their management style and had decided that she wasn’t going to accept the offer.

Given how excited she was about the role I was quite concerned about this.

I challenged her by asking her to at least having a conversation with the Hiring Manger about her expectations of their leadership style.

I shared with her The Assertiveness Planner, we were able to walk through a 4 step process that she could use to plan a conversation with the Hiring Manager.

My client ended up having the conversation and the Hiring Manager was able to deliver on the expectations that she was looking g for.

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Be Assertive

To appear confident when networking and talking to others about yourself you need to be succinct. To do just that, I suggest to my clients to prepare a 15-second advertisement. You may have heard this talked about as an elevator pitch. I refer to it as an advertisement, because you are marketing yourself to others. This ad needs to be something that you can say in 15-seconds or less so that you can be succinct in conversations, which means it only needs to be 3 to 4 sentences at most.

I used this approach when I first left my corporate job. I recall using it to talk to people about what I wanted to do going forward. The more I shared my 15-second advertisement with people, the more confident I felt with self-promotion.

In this Quick Career Boost Video, I will show you how to write your own 15-Second Advertisement, and some tips on how to use it to communicate your talents and ambitions.

To plan and write your own 15-Second Advertisement download my worksheet.

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Maximise your Salary

Women often tell me they are reluctant to negotiate in workplace situations if they do they normally ask for less or are likely to accept the first offer that comes their way.

Most often they lack confidence, they don’t want to come across as pushy or aggressive and they don’t want to get a bad name. They don’t want to be seen as the person who pushes back on a salary offer or asked for more money.

In this Quick Career Boost, I am going to show you the what and how of being confident and assertive about negotiation.

Being assertive means approaching the conversation as a win-win. This is one of the most important things I learned during my career in sales. For every negotiation with a customer, we wanted to come out with a win-win outcome.

When negotiating salary with your manager, a recruiter or an HR manager, you want to be assertive and get to a win-win outcome.

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Confidence With Confronting Conversations

A simple framework to be assertive

Recently I was coaching with a client and she shared with me that she had been approached about a promotion. She explained to me that this was her dream job. Everything about it was what she wanted, it played to her strengths, her skills, it was the recognition of all of her hard work but she had concerns about one thing, the Hiring Manager.


She had been told by people in the Hiring Manger’s team that this Executive was quite aggressive, out for himself and over-managed. She felt that regardless of the role she would be very unhappy and disengaged working for a manager with this leadership style.

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Ask For More

Plan for a natural and confident negotiation

Women remain under-represented in senior roles and are often subject to a gender pay gap. Whilst some initiatives are being implemented on a national scale to reduce this imbalance, aspiring women must develop their foundational skills to ensure escalated career progression and salary acceleration.

In order to position themselves for promotion and increase their salary, women require more than just a wealth of experience in their field. They must also have the ability to negotiate their remuneration and work conditions; ask for development to achieve their career goals, and communicate on these areas assertively. During my corporate career I was able to confidently do this as I transferred the skills that I had learnt in sales negotiation, to negotiate for career advancement. I realised that negotiating wasn’t that difficult and it was made even more easy with effective planning.

12174539_m (1)
Throughout my career in sales, before entering into a negotiation with a customer the sales negotiation team spent a number of hours pre-planning. This would involve sitting down as a negotiation team to talk about the outcomes that we wanted to achieve, what our hooks and leavers were, what was our plan for negotiation, how we would get to an agreement and more. A negotiation was approached with the aim of a win-win outcome. This meant approaching the negotiation conversation understanding what we wanted as an outcome and what the other party wanted as an outcome.

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Attack the ball, girls!

Girls think about it; boys just do it.

I coach a gorgeous team of 7-year old girls in the local Baseball club. We play t-ball against teams that mostly consist of boys. I was telling my teenage nephew that the girls in the t-ball team didn’t attack the ball, yet most of the boys in the teams we play do. He responded very innocently saying “that’s because Aunty Katrina, Girls tend to think about things before they do it, boys just do it and don’t think first”. I thought about how much this relates to women and how they hold back from negotiating and asking for more.


Because our team play mostly against boys, I am able to see the differences in their styles so clearly. With many of the girls, if the ball is hit near them, they will wait, think, and even look to see if another player will field the ball. Then if no-one else is going for it, they will field it. This delay means they most often miss the opportunity to get the runner out. On the other hand, when boys in the other teams see the ball hit, they attack the ball, chasing even their team mates to get to the ball first, and even having a bit of a wrestle to ensure they finish up with the ball.

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The standard you walk past is the standard you accept

David Morrison AO – bold and brave.

At one stage in my corporate career I worked in the supply chain function of an FMCG company. This role taught me a lot about how to change expectations and behaviour for the long term. During this change the people had the same meaningful mantra as our 2016 Australian of the Year, David Morrison AO – “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.


In order to make change we all need to notice the standards we are walking past and accepting, as these are the standards that will become the norm. If we notice standards which are not acceptable, we need to have the courage to stop and voice our opinion about those standards, and what needs to change.

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Empowering women to ask for what they’re worth

Let’s close the gender pay gap.

Are you aware of the staggering statistic that shows only 7% of women negotiate their salaries, versus 57% of men[1]? This is a behaviour learnt early in life!


At home we have set up a system for our three children to earn weekly pocket money in exchange for completing a list of jobs. Of course, there’s a catch! Their jobs need to be completed without complaining, and without me or Peter nagging them to do their jobs.

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Showing them that women can do anything

In a man’s worlds, a young woman triumphs. 

What an amazing Melbourne Cup race! My horse didn’t win, in fact I have no idea where it came in the race. When Michelle Payne galloped over the line on the back of Prince of Penzance as the first female to ever win a Melbourne Cup, I felt like a winner.

Photo: Nampa-Xinhua

Michelle had two interviews after winning the cup. She was overjoyed by her victory. She came across as a confident and ambitious woman. In those interviews she shared some insight into what helped her succeed, which every woman can learn from, particularly those who work in a male dominated environment.

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