It’s a marathon not a sprint

It may take longer, but the payoff is so much greater.

My experience of focusing on wellbeing has traditionally been about weight loss and fitness.  Because of this I have engaged in various challenges and transformations.  Over the years I have signed up for F45’s 8-week challenge, Michelle Bridges 12-week body transformation and various others.  Wow, have I spent some money to get short term and speedy results!  And, I have achieved just that.  Short term results that I haven’t been able to sustain or create long term habit change.  So this year I took a different approach, and not surprisingly, I’m getting different results.

Close up of feet of a runner running in autumn leaves training exercise

This year I set my goal to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family as a whole.  Once this goal was set I knew there wasn’t going to be a short term fix.  I needed a program that would support my…. No…. our family transformation over time.  A program that would help us all create a new lifestyle, not a quick fix diet and exercise regime.

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Is your thinking holding you back?

During a recent group coaching conversation some of the Leaders on the call were sharing with me that their people were being negative and resistant to change.

What they had identified was that certain situations were triggering them to think in a way that was stopping them from transitioning to the new way of operating.

I shared with the group my Red Thoughts Worksheet so that they could use this tool to help their people gain awareness of the thoughts that they are experiencing which are causing them to behave in a way that is resistant to change.


If you would like gain awareness of the thoughts that are holding you back or coach someone in your team to do this, then download my Red Thoughts Worksheet.

Market Your Personal Brand

I was working with a client recently and she shared with me that she had been applying for multiple roles and just not getting interviews.

When we reviewed her CV, I realised that she had talked a lot about her achievements, her skills and experience, but had failed to highlight the value or benefit to the organisation of these skills and benefits.

I shared with her my FAB Statements worksheet. This provided here a framework to turn her features into real benefits for the organisation.

From this my client was able to update her CV, talk about these benefits in interviews and was successful in securing her dream job.

If you would like to be able to succinctly and confidently market your talents, then download my FAB Statements worksheet today.

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Maximise your Salary

Women often tell me they are reluctant to negotiate in workplace situations if they do they normally ask for less or are likely to accept the first offer that comes their way.

Most often they lack confidence, they don’t want to come across as pushy or aggressive and they don’t want to get a bad name. They don’t want to be seen as the person who pushes back on a salary offer or asked for more money.

In this Quick Career Boost, I am going to show you the what and how of being confident and assertive about negotiation.

Being assertive means approaching the conversation as a win-win. This is one of the most important things I learned during my career in sales. For every negotiation with a customer, we wanted to come out with a win-win outcome.

When negotiating salary with your manager, a recruiter or an HR manager, you want to be assertive and get to a win-win outcome.

You can also download The Assertiveness Planner™ to help you be assertive and ask for more.

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Confidence With Confronting Conversations

A simple framework to be assertive

Recently I was coaching with a client and she shared with me that she had been approached about a promotion. She explained to me that this was her dream job. Everything about it was what she wanted, it played to her strengths, her skills, it was the recognition of all of her hard work but she had concerns about one thing, the Hiring Manager.


She had been told by people in the Hiring Manger’s team that this Executive was quite aggressive, out for himself and over-managed. She felt that regardless of the role she would be very unhappy and disengaged working for a manager with this leadership style.

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Are you missing out on promotion?

Leveraging sponsors for career progression

During a recent coaching conversation my client shared with me her frustration about some recent appointments in her organisation. She felt that three of the people who were recently appointed to senior roles were supported by people in executive positions. She found that unfair because she wasn’t experiencing the same executive support. I asked her what she was actively doing to gain her own executive sponsorship at which time she looked at me confused. She challenged me as to whether this should be her responsibility. I responded to her ‘If you want to accelerate your career progress, you need to take charge and gain the support of executive sponsors.’

One of the ways to connect with executive sponsors and gain their support is through networking. Various research tells us that 80% of roles are filled through networking, and much of that is through sponsorship. This means ensuring there are people who will sponsor you and tell someone else that you are the right person for a role. Sponsorship is invaluable to self promotion and career progression.

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Grow and develop to stand out during change

I was on a coaching call with a client recently and she was telling me that her head was spinning from all of the new things she had been learning as part of a business transformation project. She felt like she wasn’t going forward and her wheels were spinning. She was talking about the discomfort that she had with all of the change going on around her. I shared with her The Learning Zone Model.

This model helped my client to realise that she had moved into the panic zone and had become immobilised and unable to learn. She needed to take smaller steps to continue to grow and develop and stretch herself.

If you want to get yourself into the the learning zone so you can continue to grow and develop then download my Learning Zone Model.

Ask For More

Plan for a natural and confident negotiation

Women remain under-represented in senior roles and are often subject to a gender pay gap. Whilst some initiatives are being implemented on a national scale to reduce this imbalance, aspiring women must develop their foundational skills to ensure escalated career progression and salary acceleration.

In order to position themselves for promotion and increase their salary, women require more than just a wealth of experience in their field. They must also have the ability to negotiate their remuneration and work conditions; ask for development to achieve their career goals, and communicate on these areas assertively. During my corporate career I was able to confidently do this as I transferred the skills that I had learnt in sales negotiation, to negotiate for career advancement. I realised that negotiating wasn’t that difficult and it was made even more easy with effective planning.

12174539_m (1)
Throughout my career in sales, before entering into a negotiation with a customer the sales negotiation team spent a number of hours pre-planning. This would involve sitting down as a negotiation team to talk about the outcomes that we wanted to achieve, what our hooks and leavers were, what was our plan for negotiation, how we would get to an agreement and more. A negotiation was approached with the aim of a win-win outcome. This meant approaching the negotiation conversation understanding what we wanted as an outcome and what the other party wanted as an outcome.

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Results based networking

Do you spend too much time networking without seeing results?

During a recent coaching conversation, a client who was actively in the market for a new role was venting her concerns about the amount of time and effort networking takes. She had been attending industry and women’s networking events to connect with people with the objective of securing a new opportunity. These events were taking a lot of her time and taxing her energy. So we discussed having a networking approach.


These days networking can take place 24/7. You can be networking on LinkedIn, over email, on the phone, at events or one-on-one. There are multiple channels for networking. Each channel has its pros and cons and you can use different channels to your advantage and sometimes they can have disadvantages. This is because there is an effort versus value equation when it comes to networking. So having a networking approach can help you spend the right amount of time networking and get back the right amount of value.

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Work smarter, not harder

Is your tireless effort going unnoticed?

I had a coaching client who was in a Senior Marketing Manager role reporting into the Marketing Director. In almost every coaching session she would talk to me about the countless hours that she worked and the endless effort that she put in.

wound up lady

She felt frustrated that her Direct Line Manger didn’t seem to value all these extra hours or effort. She was frustrated when her Manager attempted to coach her to work less hours and tone down her efforts. He wasn’t doing this to show care for her well-being, it was that he didn’t see the need for her to put in all the effort and hours that she was.

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