It’s a marathon not a sprint

It may take longer, but the payoff is so much greater.

My experience of focusing on wellbeing has traditionally been about weight loss and fitness.  Because of this I have engaged in various challenges and transformations.  Over the years I have signed up for F45’s 8-week challenge, Michelle Bridges 12-week body transformation and various others.  Wow, have I spent some money to get short term and speedy results!  And, I have achieved just that.  Short term results that I haven’t been able to sustain or create long term habit change.  So this year I took a different approach, and not surprisingly, I’m getting different results.

Close up of feet of a runner running in autumn leaves training exercise

This year I set my goal to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family as a whole.  Once this goal was set I knew there wasn’t going to be a short term fix.  I needed a program that would support my…. No…. our family transformation over time.  A program that would help us all create a new lifestyle, not a quick fix diet and exercise regime.

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If you don’t think you’re worth it, then read this.

Because you are.

One of the biggest blessings in my life is that I get to be a part of people’s stories of success and failure. When I first started working with Carolyn, I was impressed by her kindness, generosity and genuine interest in having positive relationships with others.  Our conversations soon turned to feelings of helplessness.

She had been a solid achiever over many years and even progressed to senior leadership.  She was the mother of 2 young children and her husband was the main carer for their little ones.  She had the responsibility of financially providing for the family.

One morning she met with her Manager for what she thought was a routine meeting.  “The organisation is restructuring, your role is being made redundant ………………and there are no redeployment opportunities”.

She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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Is fear of failure keeping you from making a career change?

You’re not alone

Have you ever wanted to make a big life change, but you didn’t because you felt afraid? Maybe you were afraid you would fail. Or afraid that you weren’t perfect for that, just yet. Or maybe you were afraid you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or experienced enough.

I had landed at a cross road in my career where I was considering two different paths. One really excited me and the other not so much. I was head down, bum up working diligently in my office one day when a familiar face walked in of a leader who I really admired. His style, his coaching, his authenticity. He sat down at my desk, looking at me very intently.

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7 common excuses that hold women back

How many are common for you?

It doesn’t matter whether you have an abundance of knowledge, skills, experience or anything else…if you use excuses, they will hold you back from achieving your potential.  Excuses are limiting and they’re also destructive.  They’re like handcuffs holding us in mediocrity.  And we’re the only ones who hold the keys to our freedom.

You may often hear yourself say some of the following:

I’m not ready
It’s not the right time
I’m not good enough
I’m too old/young
I don’t have enough time

I don’t have enough experience
Maybe I’m not meant to do it
It’s too hard
It will take too long
I may do it wrong
People will talk about me

Let me share with you the 7 most common excuses I hear from women that hold them back from achieving their career ambitions.

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It’s a VUCA world – are your Leaders set up to succeed or fail?

Following are some highlights from a white paper I recently wrote to bring awareness to the new expectations of leaders in a constantly changing business world….and how HR and CEO’s needs to get involved…

Building an Organisation that adapts to a persistently changing environment

It’s ironic that the understanding of change in the workplace is in greatest need of changing. Today’s leaders face more challenges than ever. Technology, globalisation and competition have all given rise to conditions that are inherently difficult to navigate. Many use the acronym VUCA to describe the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business climate.

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Nine or strike?

On the school holidays I love having the chance to be playful with the kids. We decided one morning to have an outing to Strike to play bowling. I was having flash backs of my own teenage years going to the local bowling alley with my friends and smiled at the memories of Rock n’ Roll bowling.

My little girl struggles to pick up the ball, which feels about the same weight as her, and then the ball rolls at a snails pace down the lane and topples the pins over. My strong teenage son power shoots the ball down like a bullet from a shot gun. My youngest son, who loves any sport, smiles at the chance to have a ball in his hand and spend his days playing.

And then there was me. For seven frames in succession I knocked down nine pins and left one remaining. 

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Cringe time or celebration?

How do you feel about your end of year report card?

It’s that time of the year when you might be wrapping up your projects, clearing out those small tasks left on the to-do-list, trying to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and hopefully planning for a holiday. So it is a great opportunity to also take the time to recognise what you’re proud of and possibly not so happy about for 2016.

Last week our children brought home their report cards from school.  As we were reading through them, at times they were cringing and then they would be smiling and laughing. On the whole it was a great way to gain insight on the year that was.

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Defining Moments

I recently had the privilege of speaking at and attending two interactive and insightful days at the Women in Risk Management Summit in Sydney. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Defining Moments’. Risk, audit and compliance industry leaders gathered to discuss some key leadership advice.

The summit was rich in collaboration, practicality and influence, inspirational stories of unexpected turning points that became career and leadership ‘Defining Moments’.

female rock climber

The summit was packed with thought leadership content, from innovation techniques, to mental toughness to authentic leadership. Sharing personal career journeys and individual lessons for navigating the paths to senior roles. The ‘defining moments’ highly resonated with myself and the delegates. Vulnerable moments and valuable failures are hard to grasp when you’re trying to learn from some book or formula, it was refreshing to hear real life stories of success and hardship from like minded women in the industry.

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Market Your Personal Brand

I was working with a client recently and she shared with me that she had been applying for multiple roles and just not getting interviews.

When we reviewed her CV, I realised that she had talked a lot about her achievements, her skills and experience, but had failed to highlight the value or benefit to the organisation of these skills and benefits.

I shared with her my FAB Statements worksheet. This provided here a framework to turn her features into real benefits for the organisation.

From this my client was able to update her CV, talk about these benefits in interviews and was successful in securing her dream job.

If you would like to be able to succinctly and confidently market your talents, then download my FAB Statements worksheet today.

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Be Assertive

To appear confident when networking and talking to others about yourself you need to be succinct. To do just that, I suggest to my clients to prepare a 15-second advertisement. You may have heard this talked about as an elevator pitch. I refer to it as an advertisement, because you are marketing yourself to others. This ad needs to be something that you can say in 15-seconds or less so that you can be succinct in conversations, which means it only needs to be 3 to 4 sentences at most.

I used this approach when I first left my corporate job. I recall using it to talk to people about what I wanted to do going forward. The more I shared my 15-second advertisement with people, the more confident I felt with self-promotion.

In this Quick Career Boost Video, I will show you how to write your own 15-Second Advertisement, and some tips on how to use it to communicate your talents and ambitions.

To plan and write your own 15-Second Advertisement download my worksheet.

If you want to know more about how to self-promote and increase your salary, then join me at The Salary Maximiser on-line workshop.