Ask For More Assertively

I was working with a client recently and she share with me that she had been offered a great new role. Everything about it was what she wanted, nut she had some concerns about the Hiring Manager.

She had head some stories about their management style and had decided that she wasn’t going to accept the offer.

Given how excited she was about the role I was quite concerned about this.

I challenged her by asking her to at least having a conversation with the Hiring Manger about her expectations of their leadership style.

I shared with her The Assertiveness Planner, we were able to walk through a 4 step process that she could use to plan a conversation with the Hiring Manager.

My client ended up having the conversation and the Hiring Manager was able to deliver on the expectations that she was looking g for.

If you would like to have an assertive conversation, then download my Assertiveness Planner today.

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Market Your Personal Brand

I was working with a client recently and she shared with me that she had been applying for multiple roles and just not getting interviews.

When we reviewed her CV, I realised that she had talked a lot about her achievements, her skills and experience, but had failed to highlight the value or benefit to the organisation of these skills and benefits.

I shared with her my FAB Statements worksheet. This provided here a framework to turn her features into real benefits for the organisation.

From this my client was able to update her CV, talk about these benefits in interviews and was successful in securing her dream job.

If you would like to be able to succinctly and confidently market your talents, then download my FAB Statements worksheet today.

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Self Promote with Confidence

I was working with a client recently and she shared with me that she found networking and self-promotion really unnatural

She was in the market for a new role and had decided that networking would be a critical part of her search process.

I shared with her my 15 Second Commercial worksheet. A simple planner she could work through to develop a short statement that would help communicate her ambitions to others.

By completing this planner my client was able to feel confident going into networking situations. Her 15-second advertisement clearly outlines what her ambitions were, what she had been achieving in her previous roles and what she wanted to do next.

If you would like to succinctly and confidently communicate about yourself during networking then download my 15 Second Commercial worksheet.

Know Your Strengths

During my time working in Sales and Marketing one of the key things we needed to know and communicate clearly were the features and benefits of our products. People buy products based on their benefits in the same way that organisations value the benefits their employees provide.

In this Quick Career Boost Video, I will show you how you can turn your strengths, achievements and skills into benefits that an organisation will value. You will then be able to talk about your strengths, achievements and skills in a way that gets you noticed, and ensures your organisation values what you bring to the table.

Download my FAB statements worksheet and start using these benefit statements to confidently self-promote.

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Feel uncomfortable talking about the things you do?

Market your talents, naturally and confidently

A client shared with me recently that self promotion feels really unnatural for her. She missed out on an opportunity that she had interviewed for. The recruiter provided her feedback saying that she didn’t have some of the skills or experience for the role she was going for. She felt really deflated when we caught up for a coaching session post this interview.


When I asked why she felt so down she explained to me that she did actually have those skills, what had let her down in the interview was that during the process she felt really awkward talking about her skills. She wasn’t able to talk about them in a way that the Hiring Leader and Recruiter really valued. She hadn’t been able to confidently market herself in the interview. The Recruiter didn’t think she had the skills and experience for the role because she wasn’t able to confidently market herself.

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Ask For More

Plan for a natural and confident negotiation

Women remain under-represented in senior roles and are often subject to a gender pay gap. Whilst some initiatives are being implemented on a national scale to reduce this imbalance, aspiring women must develop their foundational skills to ensure escalated career progression and salary acceleration.

In order to position themselves for promotion and increase their salary, women require more than just a wealth of experience in their field. They must also have the ability to negotiate their remuneration and work conditions; ask for development to achieve their career goals, and communicate on these areas assertively. During my corporate career I was able to confidently do this as I transferred the skills that I had learnt in sales negotiation, to negotiate for career advancement. I realised that negotiating wasn’t that difficult and it was made even more easy with effective planning.

12174539_m (1)
Throughout my career in sales, before entering into a negotiation with a customer the sales negotiation team spent a number of hours pre-planning. This would involve sitting down as a negotiation team to talk about the outcomes that we wanted to achieve, what our hooks and leavers were, what was our plan for negotiation, how we would get to an agreement and more. A negotiation was approached with the aim of a win-win outcome. This meant approaching the negotiation conversation understanding what we wanted as an outcome and what the other party wanted as an outcome.

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Results based networking

Do you spend too much time networking without seeing results?

During a recent coaching conversation, a client who was actively in the market for a new role was venting her concerns about the amount of time and effort networking takes. She had been attending industry and women’s networking events to connect with people with the objective of securing a new opportunity. These events were taking a lot of her time and taxing her energy. So we discussed having a networking approach.


These days networking can take place 24/7. You can be networking on LinkedIn, over email, on the phone, at events or one-on-one. There are multiple channels for networking. Each channel has its pros and cons and you can use different channels to your advantage and sometimes they can have disadvantages. This is because there is an effort versus value equation when it comes to networking. So having a networking approach can help you spend the right amount of time networking and get back the right amount of value.

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Work smarter, not harder

Is your tireless effort going unnoticed?

I had a coaching client who was in a Senior Marketing Manager role reporting into the Marketing Director. In almost every coaching session she would talk to me about the countless hours that she worked and the endless effort that she put in.

wound up lady

She felt frustrated that her Direct Line Manger didn’t seem to value all these extra hours or effort. She was frustrated when her Manager attempted to coach her to work less hours and tone down her efforts. He wasn’t doing this to show care for her well-being, it was that he didn’t see the need for her to put in all the effort and hours that she was.

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Get you on the priority list

Let’s put ourselves on the agenda

I was on such a high following International Women’s Day and hearing the likes of Liz Broderick, Julie Bishop, David Morrison AO all putting gender equality firmly on the agenda. I heard that changing the statistics and setting aspirational quotas  was a priority. Since then in my conversations and coaching with many women I’ve been deflated by how little women are making themselves a priority!


In these conversations I’ve heard women share with me the concerns and challenges that are facing them, such as:

  • I should really make changes now, as I know I’m not being paid enough.
  • I know I could be further advanced in my career, but in my industry it is mostly men who are considered for management roles.
  • I am very aware I should be paid more, but I don’t feel confident enough to ask for more.
  • In my industry, men are considered first and more often for Senior Management roles.

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4 Simple Tips to Self-Promote with Ease

Don’t wait till you’re 100% qualified!

I was on a call with a client recently and she told me the objective of our conversation was to talk about a role she was considering applying for. She spent the next ten minutes telling me all the reasons why she wasn’t right for the job! She was horrified when I suggested she shouldn’t apply for the role. It wasn’t because I didn’t think she could do it, it was because SHE didn’t think she could do it.

100% qualified

So I suggested we should spend our coaching session working through how her skills, experience, and achievements would enable her to succeed, so she could self promote, and get that role!

This client is not alone. I have come across many women in similar situations. The statistics tells us that ‘men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them’. (1)

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