It’s a marathon not a sprint

It may take longer, but the payoff is so much greater.

My experience of focusing on wellbeing has traditionally been about weight loss and fitness.  Because of this I have engaged in various challenges and transformations.  Over the years I have signed up for F45’s 8-week challenge, Michelle Bridges 12-week body transformation and various others.  Wow, have I spent some money to get short term and speedy results!  And, I have achieved just that.  Short term results that I haven’t been able to sustain or create long term habit change.  So this year I took a different approach, and not surprisingly, I’m getting different results.

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This year I set my goal to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family as a whole.  Once this goal was set I knew there wasn’t going to be a short term fix.  I needed a program that would support my…. No…. our family transformation over time.  A program that would help us all create a new lifestyle, not a quick fix diet and exercise regime.

Since January I have lost more than 12 kgs which I’m really excited about.  BUT I’ve done so much more than that.  I have learnt self control, I have developed a daily walking ritual, my family is healthier, they’re making their own healthy choices, I’ve created new healthy habits to replace the old unhelpful ones and I have really changed my mindset about health and wellbeing.

All of those quick fix transformations have never given me these life changing results like this.  So I was really curious as to how I was getting such different….such positive… and more sustainable results.

The answer I got when I pondered this – It’s the approach.

I am approaching this goal as a health and lifestyle change not a quick fix or short term goal.

I am approaching it as a marathon not a sprint.

I have broken my marathon down into achievable ‘small runs’, that I know I can win.  Those short runs might be challenging but I will learn along the way and I will keep getting better at it.  I will gradually change habits, create new habits, and before I know it, I will have reached my goal weight.  But most importantly I will have achieved my ultimate goal of creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

I have achieved this by creating the right mindset at the outset, being clear about what I wanted to achieve, setting measurable goals for my journey, making small changes that will bring me closer to my goals everyday, and being encouraged and supported by a group of people who want me to succeed.

I liken this story to how many people approach their career.  They focus on getting the next job, a promotion, a development opportunity – the next quick fix.  They set short term goals or often don’t have a goal at all, they just look for the next step they can take to improve on their current situation.

But what is that next job, new promotion or development opportunity stepping you towards?

If you want to create a meaningful and successful career, that’s not going to happen overnight.

It will happen over time.

You need a vision.  Even if it’s fuzzy.  And one that is really emotional and motivating.

You need goals.  And every day you need to do the little things that will make the biggest difference to those goals.

Instead of focusing on that next job, a promotion, a new development opportunity, start focusing on creating a career that you love.  This will take commitment over time.  It will be challenging but rewarding.  It wont be a quick fix but it will have a much greater pay off.

To create a meaningful and successful career the approach is similar:

  1. Have the right mindset
  2. Clarify your vision (even a fuzzy one)
  3. Set goals for the first stage of your journey. Once you achieve them, keep setting goals and achieving them.
  4. Focus on your strengths and do them more often
  5. Make changes that will bring you closer to your goals
  6. Leverage the support and encouragement of your network (those who really do want to see you succeed)

Find out more about how I can help you create a career that you loveover time.

By the way, if you want to know more about my health and lifestyle transformation, email me on and I will connect you with my health coach. I have no vested interest other than wanting to help my community achieve their goals, regardless of what those goals are.

Q: What do you want to achieve in your career over time?

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