Drawing on her wealth of experience from working with a range of organisations from small business, to large blue chip corporations in sales, marketing and human resources, Katrina is able to connect to a range of audiences and share her insights and practical tools.  Katrina speaks on a range of topics relating to Women, Leadership and Change. Katrina is known as an inspiring, motivating and thought provoking keynote speaker who captivates audiences as soon as she walks in the room. Katrina has made it her mission to empower leaders and women so that they can take responsibility to achieve their desired potential.

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Transitioning to Leader

Creating a pathway from technical expert to influencer and leader.

As new opportunities emerge, aspiring leaders face challenges that test their skills, experience and most importantly their courage. Often, it is the transition to leadership that teaches people the most about themselves and their mindset.

  • Use transferable skills and experiences as a foundation for leadership success
  • Transition through leadership roles effectively
  • Take ownership of your career progression

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The Resilent Leader

Navigating the changing business environment with resilience and courage.

Today’s leaders face more disruption and change than ever. Technology, legislation, business changes, and the list goes on…. have all given rise to conditions that are inherently difficult to navigate. Many use the acronym “VUCA” to describe the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous climate.

  • Embrace the complexities using resilience as an essential leadership skill
  • Be open to new ideas and approaches
  • Stay calm in new situations
  • Leverage multiple pathway thinking to navigate obstacles and persist when problems arise.

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Change Leadership

Leaders as enablers of change and innovation.

Leadership success hinges on a fusion of technical expertise and leadership skills.  The role of the leader requires not only specialist and technical expertise but adaptive leadership skills that build their management skills, deliver results as well as engage their people and demonstrate authentic leadership.

  • Strategies to remain authentic under stressful circumstances
  • Being in control and having courage in high pressure environments
  • Building trusting relationships that can be leveraged during challenging situations

Branding and Presence

Positioning  yourself for career success through networking and self promotion.

In this business-driven world everyone understands the value of an organisation’s reputation, brand and word-of-mouth. However, when it comes to personal branding, many female leaders lack the foundational skills to invest in and promote themselves.

  • Identifying and leveraging networks for career progress
  • Establishing your unique selling points and value add
  • Promoting and marketing your personal brand through all channels

Accelerating Career Progression

Ambition, career planning and progressing to your potential.

Women are under-represented in leadership roles.  In order to change this for now and the future, females at all levels need to build the skills of courage, confidence and assertiveness, so that they can achieve their career aspirations.

  • Own your own strengths and be your authentic self
  • Be well respected and acknowledged as an assertive leader
  • Communicate naturally and confidently about yourself and your ambitions

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  • Breakthrough4Business – Mental Toughness in a Changing Business Environment
  • Women in Communications and PR Leadership Summit – Escalating career progression through powerful branding
  • Women in Communications and PR Pre-Summit – Creating a Foundation for Accelerated Career Progression
  • Women in Risk Management Leadership Summit – Mental toughness in risk management
  • Women in Drinks – Negotiating for career progression and salary acceleration
  • Women Lawyers NSW – Negotiating for career progression and salary acceleration
  • Convergence Conference – Leaders listen to and enable the future


Earlier this year the Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW asked Katrina to present at one of our breakfast series events. Katrina had been referred to us as an excellent speaker. She certainly proved to be the perfect balance of fabulous, engaging, professional and insightful. Throughout Katrina’s well attended presentation titled “Foundation for Escalated Career Progression”, she raised thought provoking concepts and practical tools to empower individual women lawyers in accelerating their careers and negotiating the right salary. I highly recommend Katrina’s skills in giving quality presentations and consider that she would add significant value to corporate events, internal workshops and events aimed at female leaders”.

“Katrina Boyle’s mental toughness presentation was excellent. Great tips. Could have listened to more of this” [Rating 4.5/5 Very good – excellent]

“Really enjoyed how practical and interactive this presentation was. Great tips and strategies.” [Rating 4.67/5 Very good – excellent]


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